AeroCraft wind energy plants are based on a horizontal axle, similar to a propeller. They consist of rotor/generator, frame/azimuth bearing and a wind vane. The rotor blades are made of fibreglass strengthened raisin (GFK) because this material provides the necessary stability, as well as flexibility and low weight and it does not interfere with HF signals (radio, TV). Permanent magnet generators are high-performance, even though they are small and light as they work with stator windings only. Directly powered generators are robust and safe as there is no need for a gear and shaft assembly or belt drive. The wind vane keeps the rotor in the wind and is conceived as part of the storm safeguard elements.

The mast is an indispensable part of a complete wind energy plant. Turbulences decrease with increasing height, while wind force increases with height.

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